What’s Next?

Coming up next month is a big day for me. April 13 will be 10 years since Ive shot my first porn scene.  It was Ass Parade for Bang Bros in Miami, Florida that started it all. Time flies by when your having fun! It’s bittersweet to look back and reflect on my entire career.  I can not lie it’s been fun, but not easy.  More work than I ever thought it would be.  What does this all mean?  To be honest I’m still trying to figure this shit out.  

I do know life does change and I’m doing all I can to prepare myself for my next chapter.  I have bigger goals and even bigger dreams that I want to work on.  Starting now, the changes begin.  First, I’m taking control of everything that I do and create.  I want to create the work that I want and have fun doing it.  Second, I want to take a step back and slow down.  I really want to see what life will bring me and what opportunities I can take advantage of.  Third, I want challenge myself in new creative ways.  No more basic scenes or shoots.  I want to push myself to be more creative in every way possible.  

Right now I’m working on a few different things I’m excited for. If you follow me on social media or my blog you’ll be the first to know whats going on. I promise you’ll love everything I’m working on.

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