Weed Passion

IMG_3989@DarkFalcon89 recently asked me….  “You’ve embraced the weed legalization coalition so well, why this this your passion?”  That’s a great question, I will try and answer it the best I can. Here’s five reason why I’m passionate about weed legalization.

  1. So many other benefits than recreational use.
  2. I believe in freedom of choice and it’s not as bad as the government says.
  3. Safer than alcohol.
  4. Medical marijuana can help a lot of people with a lot of different problems.
  5. It’s a cause I believe in and it brings people together.

P.S. And it’s great before and after sex. ;-)

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  • gwestdallas

    All very valid points! Especially the last one! P.S. LOL

    • MissJackson


  • Gustavo Faria

    Much safer than alcohol !!!

    • MissJackson


  • MissJackson

    Hey. Thats usually a lot to do with the strain your smoking. Theres Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. Staves give me that anxiety feel. I would go w the downer indica. Mellow & chill.

  • Jason

    Just trying 2 get sum info on how to start my own dispensery. They are bout 2 legalize n wv and I would like to be da first 2 open. I already no how 2 grow but would luv 2 get ur intake on da business side please boo, and thanks.

  • Jason

    Sorry and I already have lots of different strands already boo