IMG_1775I’m saying my farewell to ArchAngel Video, as you guys know my year contracts is coming to an end.  Can I start by saying THANK YOU to Gabe and Mime Freak for believing in me and making me the 1st lady of ArchAngel.  Forever Grateful.  I’ve enjoyed all of the girls that I’ve gotten to play with.  Every shoot was a lot of fun and they always catered to me!  I want to thank Erika/PR for putting up with my shit and my bratty self.

Now that I’m free … you will be seeing me on all your favorite sites.  I’m looking forward to working with a few companies and directors (you know who you are).  Hopefully in 2016 you will see me everywhere.  You can also see my fun here at with Richard Avery.  Also don’t forget to keep up with me on Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter.