IMG_0561If you’ve been following me on social media the last few years then you know they always fuck with me.  Suspending my Twitter accounts, to deleting my Instagram and SnapChats.  :(  What pisses me off the most… I’m not doing anything anyone else isn’t doing, except causing more noise.  I’m too hot for internet I guess.  LOL

What’s your opinion on what is too much for the internet?!

I have recently broke and made a new Twitter account : @2CheekzBck and I did make another snapchat but i’ve decided not to announce it yet.  I feel the more they keep deleting me the more my value goes up.  So I keep it up, even if you get ALL my social media deleted I’m still gonna be poppin and I still have  I win!  :-)

So keep on the look out for my new accounts in the social media world, you never know how long they will last.