Malibu Wine Safari

Hey guys, I’m super excited to share that I just visited The Malibu Wine Safari. I got to explore the ranch’s amazing scenery, feed Stanley the giraffe. I also got to taste all kinds of wines paired with cheeses.

What I’m mostly thrilled about is that my participation supports the awareness for the conservation of giraffes across the world! Along with my hopes to study more on marine and wildlife preservation, I hope to designate a proton of all sales from #ShopJada420 to a charity of that nature, later on down the road.

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you visit the Malibu Wine Safaris! You can meet Stanley the giraffe and all the other exotic animals. BUT most importantly, GET OUT THERE AND FIND SOMETHING YOU’RE TRULY PASSIONATE ABOUT AND DO SOMETHING.

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  • Jonathan Ally

    I’m happy to comment and to read your blog.
    I hope that you got to experience what it was like to feed animals at the malibu wine safari. One day I hope to make an impact on the world in a positive way and if I can help you study marine and wildlife preservation, I will support you. Hopefully you will support me in my goals, which is simply: “to make the world a better place!”

    • MissJackson

      Awh. Thanks babe :) I really appreciate you taking the time and responding to my blog. You’ve already made a impact on the world just by your mindset. More people need to be like you. Take care!!! Xo

      • Jonathan Ally

        Thanks, you inspire me to follow my path of spirituality. I’m delighted to know that you noticed my mindset and appreciate it. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner.

  • Stephen B

    I live on Vancouver Island surrounded by marine beauty. Love walking the beaches, Last year my daughter ad I rescued over a dozen red rock and dungeness crabs trapped in the backing sun when the tide went out to quick. Always teach my daughter the value of life especially our oceans.

    • MissJackson

      I LOVE this!!

      • blazer383

        Living on an island sure makes it easy to love the marine world but also makes us take it for granted, I did that growing up. Lived 10min drive from the beach in almost any direction and rarely went. Now I live a five min walk from three marinas and two beaches. We spend a lot of time at the beach and just walking the shoreline. Diggin for clams just to see how many we can find. ( dig then release ) SO many great spots on this island. This last weekend was cleanup after storm so we did an hour walk down the beach and pickup all the plastic and junk. Small part but it all helps

  • Justin Borowski

    If I ever make it out to cali this is on my must see list! It’s great that your participation supports the conservation of giraffes! Giraffes are one of my favorite animals! I am happy my recent and future purchases on #Shopjada420 will eventually go to great causes like this! I hope one day I can meet and marry an incredible woman like you!❤

    • MissJackson

      Awh. You make me smile every time. I can never think you enough for all the support you’ve shown me.

      • Justin Borowski

        As a huge fan it’s the least I can do. You have put in amazingly hard work the last 10 years in the industry and I can’t thank you enough for giving us fans all the incredible scenes you have shot, and a glimpse into your personal life on jada420tv. You bring me joy everyday just seeing a photo of you or reading your inspirational posts so I will gladly support you in anything you do! Xo xo ❤