Hi Guys,

I know plenty of you have been wondering what I’ve been cooking up in the #Jada420 lab lately, so I’m happy to catch everyone up to speed! The most important projects I’ve been working on are to help me smoothly transition out of “XXX” life to “civilian” life. In April, I launched my official YouTube channel – Jada420TV. There you can find or what I’m like in REAL life and in real time! #Jada420TV was created to give my followers a mort intimate look into my everyday world, my friendships, my adventures, and so much more! I’m hopping this makes way for me too connect with my fans across the world! If you haven’t subscribed yet, go to youtube.com/Jada420TV and hit “Subscribe” to keep up with my newest videos! I’ll be uploading new episodes at least once every two weeks!

I’d also like to announce the upcoming launch of my online shop this Friday, June 23, 2017. I’ve been working hard at bringing my brand to life and I want you to know how surreal it’s been to witness my thoughts becoming tangible! So, to anyone who wants to TRULY support me, please wait on the drop! I’ve got some dope merch coming for you all soon!

Forever grateful.