IMG_3165On my most recent splurge, I went and bought a baby sphynx kitten.  She’s black with skin that feels like velvet wrinkles and big beautiful green eyes.  I named her Isis, not after the terrorist group, but after the protective Egyptian goddess.  I’m already so in love with her and it’s crazy how attached I am.

I’ve always been a dog lover.  This is my first kitten and  so new for me.  I went to one of the best breeders in Sacramento, CA to get her.  Everyone I know has more than one sphynx.  I can see how they can be addictive.  Maybe in a few years I will add another one to my stable.

As it took my dogs a few days to adjust and warm up to her.  I couldn’t imagine my household without her now.  I’m happy I chose her and she chose me.