I’m Back!

Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve been missing in action. I’ve been working on some pretty cool things from my new job at the dispensary to my new toy line that’s about to launch. I know you guys have requested merchandise for a while now which is why I’m also working on my online store too. I’m ready to get back with it and give you guys what you want starting today.

I want to thank you guys for all the emails. I do actually read them and I thought I would take the time today to answer a few.  Check out the video below and let me what you think.  Keep sending your questions and you might end up in my next video.




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  • Stephen B

    I want some kick ass Jada420 socks. any plans on that?

  • Justin Borowski

    I am super excited for your online store! I’ve been wanting a poster for so long! Not many women in the industry offer posters, it’s usually only small pics. Can’t wait to have the most beautiful woman in the industry on my wall.

  • Pornstache4

    Do you have any interest in working with Fleshlight and making a sex toy based off you?