IMG_1516As you guys know and see all over social media, I’m a weed connoisseur.  I smoke a lot of weed everyday and still am a successful business woman.  I’m the successful stoner your parents said never could happen.  I love the way weed makes me feel.  I start every day which I can with a joint.  It takes me to that happy place where I can deal with almost everything.  I love to smoke before and after sex it makes me have a sexual appetite for more.  I love to get high and have an orgasm that makes it way more intense.

Theres so much more to weed than smoking it.  I have come to learn so much about cannabis.  From different types of herb to how to use it medicinally.  If your a upper/hyper kind of person you would like sativa.  If your a stoney/mellow type of person like me you would like indica.   If you want to be happy/medium you can go with hybrid it’s a mixture of both.  It’s very important to know what you like so you feel how you want.  Also to find how you like to smoke it is important.  I recently have been sober off blunts one year.  I smoked blunts for 10 years and made the change over to papers, RAW to be exact.

So I can go on and on about Mary, but she’s my baby and I’m gonna wrap this blog up so I can go smoke one myself.