IMG_4185Recently a fan asked what is was like the first time I smoked weed. It’s a funny question and one I’d love to answer. First, I was 15 years old. Second, it wasn’t as fun or interesting as losing my virginity, but it was a lot more fun. I was with my mom and my best friend at the time.  My best friend and I talked my mom into letting us try a hit. We didn’t have anything to roll up with so we used the most logical next best thing a coke can.

I took two big hits and coughed hella hard. I didn’t like the taste of it as much as I do now. I couldn’t stop laughing and my mom wasn’t making it any easier. I had the biggest munchies of my life. I will never forget my mom cooking us fried potatoes, they were the best potatoes of my LIFE! LOL! We were so high that we couldn’t stop swaying so she served us on the floor.

This wasn’t my start to being the biggest stoner EVER, about a year later my boyfriend introduced me to marijuana and anal sex.  Lucky Me.