Did you always have a BIG butt?!
I’ve always had a nice ass, I’m just grown now so its established.

How did you come up with Jada Stevens?
I went with the way old school way with how to come up with the porno name which is the street you grew up off of and your pets name.

Do you really love ANAL sex?
I do!  But nothing beats a good kicking in the pussy.

How tall are you?
I stand at 5’3 and 117lbs. Big things come in small packages.

Where are you from?
I’m from Atlanta,Ga born and raised, but now I reside in Los Scandalous.

Do you masturbate?
Haha this is one of my fav hobbies for sure!! I’m very aroused by fore play and the build up and just knowing how to make your self cum is SO HOT to me!!

Whats your fav position?
I’m such a lazy fucker, LOL.  But I don’t just got one fav, I love missionary and spoon and Doggy.  :-)  I tend to cum the hardest in those.

What are your hobbies, what do you do off camera?
Well its not a secret that my favorite past time is weed! LOL  I like to be outdoors do anything from swimming, hiking and horseback riding. Also I love painting and reading.

Whats on your music playlist?
My playlists are always fire just depends on my mood.  Everything from Fabolous,Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Nirvana, Chenille, Hoobastank etc.

My favorite way to smoke weed?
LOL naked… jk, but I love papers.  I smoke Raw papers & cones.  All natural way to smoke.  I’ve almost been off blunts one year in November.  Very proud of myself for quitting them.  Best decision i ever made.  I also like bongs.  Nothing like a good bong rip in the morning.  :-)

— Jada