FAQ Weed Questions

Hey guys, I’m not a weed expert but I do work at a dispensary and get asked lots of questions. I thought I’d answer 5 of the most frequent questions.

Which strain would I use if I wanted to sleep and get an appetite?
You would use a indica strain. It helps with sleep and increases appetite. 

How long do edibles last?
It depends on how much you take but generally speaking it lasts about 3-4 hours. 

I don’t like to smoke, what would you recommend I use?
We have edibles, capsules and sprays.

Whats the difference between Sativa or Indica?
Sativa is your upper strain (creative, more energetic flow). Indica is your downer strain (mellow, more relaxed flow).

What’s the difference between concentrate and flower?
Concentrate is made from flower but is PURE t.h.c.


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  • Stephen B

    Whats your fave strain? or do you like hybrids?

  • Greg Taylor

    Jada, can CBD really help with chronic pain??? I do not take any pain medication because I do not do well with narcotics… I’m trying to find something that I can use that will help me deal with the amount of pain I deal with daily… Thank you for you time…