Fan Etiquette

I meet a lot of my fans everywhere I go.  If you ever run into me be nice and say hello.  Don’t be shy and don’t just sit there and stare at me. Here’s 5 things to know if you see me…

  1. Be nice always! – Treat me nice and I will treat you nice.  Hugs are free.
  2. Keep your hands to yourself – Please no unsolicited grabbing of me or my ass.
  3. Don’t tweet me later – Please don’t tweet me telling me you saw me.  Just say hello.  I promise I won’t bite.
  4. Don’t ask for my number & no dick pix – Duh!!!
  5. Don’t scream my name out in public – Just be cool.

*** Be like Bob, just say hello & you might get a selfie!

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  • blazer383

    What about a sharpie autograph on my back/shoulder so I can get it tattooed?

    • MissJackson

      Haha that would be dope!!

      • blazer383

        I will let you choose the ink colour too, Yes thats how I spell colour. I am CANADIAN!

  • Dan Dan

    Hi Jada what if you have a fan who wants a 30 second long hug?