Ok, so ever since I can remember when Home Alone came out, I’ve wanted to spend Christmas in NYC.  This year I was fortunate to do so.  It made my trip even better that I spent it with my best friend Bella and my two chihuahuas.

We did the most… booked a dope ass suite at the Gansevoort on Park (prime location too).  We saw the Nut Cracker ballet and ice skated at the Central Park.  We walked the dogs thru Central Park.  We ate good food (my main reason I love the city).

Mobbing thru NYC on Christmas was fun yet exhausting due to so many people and not to mention it was 72 degrees (NYC’s warmest Christmas to date).  On Christmas we exchanged gifts.  When I tell you Bella and I spoil each other, we SPOIL each other.  She knows my bougie ass oh so well.  I really enjoyed our time together.  I tell her all the time if we were gay we’d be soulmates.  LOL  I love the new traditions that I’m making with my fam (Bella), it means everything to me.  I hope you guys enjoy the pics.  :-)