AVN 2018

Sorry I’m posting this a little late, I’ve had a lot going on. Another AVN has come and gone. As always I enjoy seeing my fans and meeting new people every year. I want to thank Jules Jordan, Elegant Angel, Cousins adult toys and AVN for taking good care of me! It’s always a pleasure [...]

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It’s that time of the year again.  I’ve always loved Halloween.  My favorite part is getting to dress up, express creativity and maybe eat all the sweets too.  LOL!   This year I wanted to put something different together and do something special.  So I did.  I hit up my friend Chris and he introduced [...]

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Let’s just say I’m lucky to be able to just pack up and go.  I just got back from Panama City Beach.  Very nostalgic for me.  I used to come down for Spring Break and get into trouble.  Theres only one other person I know that would appreciate this place as much as I do [...]

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