IMG_0966If you know me, you know I like so much! I actually think I like more than I can afford.  I’m gonna tell you 10 things I do like, so maybe next time I will share 10 things I don’t like.  Here we go…

  1. Weed! – Duh!
  2. Ice Cream – Neapolitan cuz it’s three flavors in one.
  3. Music – ALL kinds.
  4. The Beach – SoBe baby!
  5. Working out – I love to get wet with sweat.
  6. Shoes – Shoe Freak!
  7. Southern Food – Butter my biscuit.
  8. TV – Chill and Netflix.
  9. Make-Up – I need my war paint!
  10. Me Time – bubble baths, incense, music and a joint.  :-)