IMG_7766I have traveled a lot of places already in my 26 years of living, BUT the world is so big and there are so many places to see.  There’s something about going to foreign place; the unknown.  Exploring and learning new cultures.  I’m going to add more tattoos to my passport and here are a few I want to add…

  1. Santorini – If you don’t know, its in Greece.  So much history and scenery I have to see there.
  2. Australia – The land down under.  I have to see the kangaroos, koalas and ALL the wildlife it has to offer.  Along with the Gold coast and the Great Barrier reef.  Get Crazy in the land down under.
  3. Paris – I’m a hopeless romantic so of course I would want to go to Paris.  This city also has a lot of history and museums… not to mention shopping I must do!
  4. Egypt – I’ve always been infatuated with the history of Egypt.  All though I’ve heard it’s not too safe right now I would take that chance just to experience this place.
  5. Alaska – A place thats definitely high on my list.  I would want to take a hike, fish, dog sled and of course see the Northern Lights.
  6. Bali – A lot of culture.  I must see the Sekumple waterfalls along with the many monkey sanctuaries.  Somewhere I could see myself meditating and seeing the bigger picture of life.
  7. Maui – I’ve been to Waikiki but there are more islands to see in Hawaii.  I would love to get over my fear of deep/dark water and learn to surf.  Fat chance! LOL  I want to hike the beautiful volcanos.  I also want to go whale/dolphin watching and eat all the good food!!
  8. Bora Bora – I love anywhere tropical.  I would love to just relax and chill in bed in a tiki hut on the water.  Anywhere I can be naked and tan.
  9. Madrid – I would love to go and explore the streets of Madrid drink wine and eat tapas.  I don’t do too much soccer, but I would catch a game.
  10. Dominican Republic – Another tropical place. LOL  I am in love with the food in MIA so I can only imagine it here.  I want to go on the nature and wildlife tours all day there.  So many different animals.  Of course lay out and tan my buns, but most of all the good eats!!