10 FAV TV Shows

IMG_3972I watch a lot of fucking TV.  I don’t care if it’s Netflix, On demand, Apple TV or even Hulu I’m with it. I love being in my element on my couch, candles lit and a joint rolled up, that’s my perfect date with a TV.

  1. Californication – I relate to the whole show!
  2. AHS – At first I didn’t care for this show, but I gave it a chance and got hooked.
  3. Norcos – I’m trying mastermind. Perfect operation. No but for real. Lol
  4. Bates Motel – It’s so twisted that it’s interesting.
  5. MTV Jams – That’s my Jam! It covers all kinds of music.
  6. Rick and Morty – My newest obsession, so funny.
  7. Beverly Hills 90210 – It’s a 90’s thing and I love the 90’s.
  8. Chopped – I love the competition, and the recipes.
  9. First 48 – I LOVE this show.
  10.  Intervention – I can relate to what the families are going thru and realize how good I have it.
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  • Stephen B

    other then rick & morty and MTV jams that’s my wife’s list and almost in the same order, Must be something about petite stoner brunettes, next you will say you munch out on bugles during binge TV sessions

  • Valentino

    I was meet David Duchovny (californication) 2 months ago when he was in Zurich for a concert. I was his security guard for this day! totally cute friendly person so private!

  • Justin Borowski

    I got to agree with 3 shows. Years ago I saw a preview of AHS and thought if looked stupid but started watching on Netflix and same as you and couldn’t get enough (still waiting to watch season 5). I also like MTV jams for their variety of music. Lastly but also sad I like intervention because I wish that everybody can overcome their addiction but sadly some do not. Well I guess I like chopped too because food is soooo delicious!