IMG_3972I watch a lot of fucking TV.  I don’t care if it’s Netflix, On demand, Apple TV or even Hulu I’m with it. I love being in my element on my couch, candles lit and a joint rolled up, that’s my perfect date with a TV.

  1. Californication – I relate to the whole show!
  2. AHS – At first I didn’t care for this show, but I gave it a chance and got hooked.
  3. Norcos – I’m trying mastermind. Perfect operation. No but for real. Lol
  4. Bates Motel – It’s so twisted that it’s interesting.
  5. MTV Jams – That’s my Jam! It covers all kinds of music.
  6. Rick and Morty – My newest obsession, so funny.
  7. Beverly Hills 90210 – It’s a 90’s thing and I love the 90’s.
  8. Chopped – I love the competition, and the recipes.
  9. First 48 – I LOVE this show.
  10.  Intervention – I can relate to what the families are going thru and realize how good I have it.