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Jada Stevens 026

Photography by Richard Avery.

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10 FAV TV Shows

I watch a lot of fucking TV.  I don’t care if it’s Netflix, On demand, Apple TV or even Hulu I’m with it. I love being in my element on my couch, candles lit and [...]

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Jada Stevens 024

Photography by Richard Avery.

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10 FAV Porn Stars

Who are your favorite porn stars? I’ve been in the business for a while now and i have my favorites. Here’s my ten favorites, how does it compare to your list? Let me know. Phoenix [...]

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10 FAV Hip Hop Artist

Everyone knows I have a thing for hip hop, it was hard for me to list just ten. Good Luck trying to figure out my favorites.  If your not on the list your prob in [...]

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BIG NEWS: Time to Say Good-Bye

Yo!  Got some big news for you.  Maybe the biggest news of all.  Well at least in the Juliland Universe this is super big news.  I’m sad to let you all know that this is [...]

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10 FAV Porn Moments

I’ve been in the adult industry going on 8 years this month actually.  It’s been a wild ride and isn't over yet but here are ten of my favorite memorable moments. 1st showcase movie ButtWoman [...]

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